Shortcuts (DRAFT)

Shortcuts available in Friction.


These shortcuts are globally available in Friction. Note that some actions may require a selected object and/or an active viewer or timeline.

Action Shortcut
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Link Ctrl + L
Import Ctrl + I
Paste Ctrl + V
Copy Ctrl + C
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Delete
Close Ctrl + W
Preferences Ctrl + P
Exit Ctrl + Q


Shortcuts for objects are valid on active timeline and viewer.

Action Shortcut
Move Object Up PageUp
Move Object Down PageDown
Move Object Top Home
Move Object Bottom End
Group Ctrl + G
UnGroup Ctrl + Shft + G
Select All A
DeSelect All Shift + A
Invert Selection I


Shortcuts are valid on active timeline.

Action Shortcut
Rewind (first frame) Shift + Left
Fast Forward (last frame) Shift + Right
Previous Frame Left
Next Frame Right
Previous Keyframe Down
Next Keyframe Up
Play/Pause Space
Play from first frame Shift + Space
Stop Esc


Shortcuts are valid on active viewer.

Pan and Zoom

Action Shortcut
Pan Middle mouse button and move mouse/touchpad
  Left mouse button and move mouse/touchpad
  Alt + move mouse/touchpad
Zoom +/- Wheel up/down
  Scroll up/down
  Ctrl + +/-
  Numpad +/-
Zoom Fit Ctrl + 0
  Numpad 0
Reset Zoom Ctrl + 1


Action Shortcut
Reset Translation Alt + G
Reset Scale Alt + S
Reset Rotation Alt + R
Rotate R and move mouse/touchpad
Scale S and move mouse/touchpad