Privacy Statement


This privacy statement explains how we handle data within the Friction application. Please review this statement to understand our practices.

Data Collection and Usage

  1. No Network Access: Friction operates entirely offline and does not have any network access. This means that your data remains within the application and is not transmitted over the internet.

  2. No Data Collection: Friction does not collect any personal or sensitive data from your usage. We do not gather information about your identity, location, or any other details.

  3. User Settings: User settings, including preferences and configurations, are stored locally either in a settings file or within the Windows registry on your device. These settings are used solely to enhance your experience with the application and are not shared with external parties.

  4. Sensitive Information: Friction may store sensitive information such as the paths of last used project files and assets. This data is stored locally on your device, and it is exclusively used to improve your workflow by remembering your most recently accessed project resources.

Data Security

  1. Local Storage: Sensitive data, such as the paths to your project files and assets, is stored locally within your device’s file system or Windows registry. Friction’s access to this data is limited to providing you with a seamless experience within the application.

  2. Data Encryption: Any data stored locally is subject to the security measures of your operating system to ensure it remains confidential.


When you access or use the Website, we do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from you. The Website is designed as a static HTML platform and does not use any cookies, tracking mechanisms, analytics tools, or third-party services that could collect your personal information.

Use of Information

Since we do not collect any personal information or use tracking technologies, we do not use the information for any purpose, including marketing or analysis.

Third-Party Websites

Our Website may contain links to third-party websites for your convenience. However, we do not have control over these external sites, and this Privacy Statement does not apply to them. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of those websites before providing any personal information.